Creating the Future of Red Bank Together

“The only unique contribution that we will ever make in this world will be born of our creativity.”

-Brené Brown


Hi, neighbors! I’m Stefanie, and I’d be honored to be a voice for you on the Red Bank Commission, District 2. I’m originally from Southwest Virginia, but I was in a military family and we moved a lot. For most of the past 10 years, my husband and I have lived in Red Bank. We bought our house over 3 years ago, and we have been so lucky to be able to raise our son in this community. And while it has been a strange, chaotic year, and it hasn’t looked like we thought it would, we are thrilled that our son has started his academic journey here in one of Red Bank’s public schools. We look forward to spending our lives here, even after our son is grown. 

I graduated from East Tennessee State University with a Bachelor’s in English and after working nearly 6 years for the State of Tennessee, I left to complete my Master’s in Social Work at the University of Tennessee. All my life, I’ve wanted to help and serve people. At 6, I wanted to be a teacher. Later, I knew I wanted to help people in a different way. Since graduating with my Master’s, I’ve had the honor of working in both the public/State sector and private sector in mental health, healthcare, and advocacy.

Along with four other lovely mothers, I started a social welfare non-profit over three years ago. We have been active in the community through volunteer, advocacy, and educational efforts in Hamilton County. We also continuously strive to amplify the work and voices of other groups and organizations in our community that are serving others. One of the efforts we are most proud of has been The Classroom Library Project, where we worked in Hamilton County Opportunity Zone schools to create and revitalize classroom library corners with diverse, inclusive literature in a warm, inviting, and comfortable space.




Invest in Learning Opportunities

Directly supporting our zoned schools, investing in a city-wide preschool, and partnering with the Chattanooga Public Library invests in our future.

Support Local Business

Give a voice to our unique businesses and provide them with the tools
to flourish.

Invest in City Infrastructure

Preventive and routine maintenance of infrastructure strengthens our city, improves efficiency, and increases accessibility.

Enhance Our Community

Bike routes, public transportation, and enhancing our parks will create a safe and welcoming city for our neighbors.

Invest in Learning Opportunities

Providing direct support to and creating partnerships with our zoned schools is a direct investment in Red Bank's children, families, and school staff. Long-term, creating a city-wide preschool program could have an exponentially positive impact in our community by reducing daycare expenses and improving work flexibility for parents with young children, as well as boosting kindergarten readiness. Additionally, a Red Bank Library branch or partnership with the Chattanooga Public Library that provides library cards at no cost to Red Bank citizens would further this effort by building a strong foundation for universal success through access to reading materials, internet, and community resources.

Support Local Business

Recently, we have seen an influx of vibrant, locally-owned small businesses opening up in Red Bank. Not only do these local businesses add to the unique character of our city, but they also reinvest a much higher percentage of their profits back into the local economy than national chains. I want to give a voice to these small businesses, as well as recruit more small, independent businesses to put down roots in our wonderful city.

Invest in City Infrastructure

Preventive and routine maintenance and repair of city-wide infrastructure, like sidewalks, road paving, turn lanes at busy intersections, and pedestrian crossings with added safety features such as crosswalk lights and ADA accessibility improvements, will make our town stronger, more structurally sound, more efficient, and more accessible for all of our citizens.

Enhance Our Community

Red Bank is a wonderful place to live, but making Red Bank more sustainable is an eye toward the present and the future. I want to expand sidewalks throughout Red Bank, install bike routes, restore a public transportation option, and incorporate a curbside recycling program. In talking with our neighbors, I also found that our community wants more outdoor public gathering places that include public amenities like seating, shade, walking trails, a food truck park, an outdoor amphitheater, or even permanent outdoor farmer's market infrastructure, and I will collaborate with citizens and community partners to create these things together.

If these sound like issues that matter to you and that you would like to see worked on to improve the quality of life for all Red Bank citizens, please remember to vote Stefanie Dalton for Red Bank Commission on November 3rd! I would be grateful and most honored to serve you.


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